Solar Frontier's CIS thin film efficiency reaches 19.7%

Solar Frontier's CIS Thin Film Efficiency 19.7%

Solar Frontier has made a breakthrough in the conversion efficiency of CIS thin-film solar cells through the use of sputtering and selenization processes. The current CIS efficiency using the co-evaporation process has reached a record of 20.3%.

The 18.6% record of conversion efficiency confirmed by the Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in Japan has been maintained for 10 years. However, Solar Frontier's cooperation with the Japanese New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Agency (NEDO) has pushed the efficiency to a record of 19.7%. This result was measured by taking a solar cell from a 30cm x 30cm substrate and cutting it out to about 0.5 square centimeters. inferred.

Satoru Kuriyagawa, chief technology officer of Solar Frontier, said: "This new achievement in energy conversion efficiency shows that Solar Frontier's high-level technology and CIS technology have great potential. At present, Solar Frontier's CIS thin film components are actually used for power generation because of their high performance. They are highly praised because they are not easily affected by shadows or high temperatures.At present, through the use of this new basic technology, higher practical performance can be achieved.We will continue to work hard to further strengthen our technical capabilities, aiming at thin film solar cells. Create a new world record."

Solar Frontier is currently manufacturing CIS thin-film solar modules at its plant in Kuofu, Japan, and its conversion efficiency is around 13%. The company has not announced the conditions and time for the production of this development process.

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