Horizontal centrifugal pump selection points

The selection of horizontal centrifugal pump, in order to comply with the economic, safety and applicable principles, need to take into account the pumping station investment, pump units, pump operating costs and other technical and economic indicators. Specific to what are the points: 1. Select high efficiency, low noise, energy-saving products, prohibit the choice of the elimination of fake and shoddy products; 2. According to the design flow, the required head pump selection, the pump due to wear and tear caused by decreased pump processing and other reasons included Consider the range, according to the calculated head multiplied by the 1.05 ~ 1.10 series after the choice of pump; select the characteristic curve as the flow increases its head down gradually pump, and this pump is stable and safe work in parallel; pump operating point Should be maintained early high efficiency range operation, so that you can save energy and protect the parts; 3. If the water supply network can not be adjusted, you should use the speed pump or rated speed pump group Marshalling water supply. Pump group maximum water output should be greater than the design of district water flow, fire system should be verified by the work of the situation; 4. Select water tower, tank pump to minimize the number of pumps, the general one to use a spare; when a single Pump to meet the requirements, it is not appropriate to use more than one parallel method; If you must use more than one parallel work or different models of pumps with the use of its model, the number of units should be minimized, the model is generally not more than two, the pump lift range Close to; if parallel operation, each pump should be run in an efficient range; 5 variable frequency speed pump designed to ensure that the flow of water to meet the life of the water supply system in the design of the second flow requirements; dual power or dual loop power supply; pump operating point Should be selected in the pump characteristic curve of the efficient work area; Ken Fu pump speed control range of work as far as possible in the pump efficient section; speed range should be set in the pump water supply between 25% to 100%; equipment should have a water level Automatic control function; 6. Living pressurized water supply system of the pump set standby pump, spare pump water supply capacity is greater than the maximum one run Water supply ability of the pump, the pump automatically switches alternately run; 7. A pump equipped with the motor voltage to the same, consistent with the national grid power supply standard format. (Horizontal centrifugal pump selection points)

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