Security How to Avoid Counterfeit Products

Security How to Avoid Counterfeit Products Flicker customers exaggerated propaganda; "cottage" products occupy a large area of ​​market share; security industry's rapid development is exciting, but at the same time we also see mixed with some of the elements of disharmony: fake and shoddy products rampant, high-definition hype occurs from time to time ...... Such bad behaviors in these security breaches will not only harm the legitimate interests of the infringed company, but will also be detrimental to the healthy development of the entire industry.

In today's society, there are too many “false” things, from foods that are closely related to people’s lives to large-scale machinery and equipment used in enterprises and enterprises, shoddy goods, false goods, and fake goods that are virtually invulnerable to the interests of the people but also serious. It disturbed the social economic order and undermined the whole society. The security industry has not been spared. What are the problems in the anti-counterfeiting of the security industry? How can industry development work to avoid similar incidents?

The following problems exist in the security integrity and anti-counterfeiting problems:

1, Huyou customers, exaggerated publicity. For example, in the first two years of high-definition hype, D1 (4CIF) format DVRs did not meet HD standards, and some companies spoke it as HD. Another example is some new products and new technologies, obviously they are not the first and first, but it is the right way, advertised that he is the first domestic. The technical indicators of the products are not up to standard, but they are said to be superb, and how good they are... These exaggerated propaganda and deception of consumers can be said to be quite shameful.

2, "cottage" products occupy a large area of ​​market share. In fact, copycat products are not useless, as long as there is no infringement, it does not matter. However, if the phenomenon of serious damage to the brand name products of cottage products is to deceive customers to a large extent, the nature of such products will be very bad. At the same time, many users of counterfeit products do not want to pursue the responsibility of the counterfeiters because of their own costs and interests. They also encourage the counterfeiters to escape the legal responsibility of letting the counterfeit products occupy more markets and lead to regular manufacturers. Suffering from the influence of counterfeit products, it is unable to grasp enough evidence to investigate the legal liability of counterfeiters.

3. The high-speed development of the security industry is exciting, but at the same time we also see elements that are mixed with dissonance: fake and shoddy products are rampant, infringement cases occur from time to time... These bad behaviors damage both the infringed company and the enterprise. Deserving benefits, but also not conducive to the healthy development of the entire industry. It can be said that strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights in the security industry has reached a point of no time.

How to avoid home fake and shoddy security products at the national and industrial levels: The relevant state departments and legislative bodies should improve relevant laws and regulations, and increase penalties for infringement, increase the cost of infringement of lawless elements, and allow infringers to pay for their own behavior The price paid for victimization will be higher. Such intellectual property protection is more conducive to stimulating the company's innovative spirit, but also more conducive to the sustainable development of enterprises and industries. Industry associations can also play a greater role in the protection of intellectual property rights. For example, the association can provide intellectual property information of domestic and foreign related companies through its own perfect information channels to prevent “non-intentional infringement”; Internal rules of the industry, through the industry self-regulation rules to promote respect for intellectual property rights; coordination of intellectual property disputes between companies, as far as possible to minimize the damage to related businesses.

At the corporate level: There is more work to be done. First of all, companies must attach importance to the application and protection of intellectual property rights of their own companies, and raise the protection of intellectual property rights to the corporate strategic height. Secondly, enterprises must establish their own intellectual property rights management departments to form a set of standard processes and systems for the application and protection of intellectual property rights of enterprises. Third, when companies apply for intellectual property rights, they must follow the example of advanced foreign companies and adopt a comprehensive patent application strategy. Fourth, companies must boldly take up legal weapons and actively defend their rights and interests for malicious infringement.

Technology research and development: The security industry itself is not too new technology, it can learn to explore innovation, can be the introduction of new technologies in other industries into the security industry, according to the actual situation of the security industry to be transformed into a security industry needs technology. Of course, it's very simple. It's certainly not easy to do it. This requires the joint efforts of security professionals, companies, and the industry.

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